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Zulin (S.E.A.) is a leading Singapore based System Formwork supplier. We have a wealth of experience and specializes in Shoring and System Formwork.

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We provide a wide range of System Formwork solutions. We help our clients increase their productivity through our various Shoring and System Formwork solutions.


Wealth of experience in this industry with a wide network of affiliated regional offices in more than 10 countries.

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"Your Shoring & System Formwork Specialist"

We are a leading Singapore based company with wealth of experience specializing in Shoring and System Formwork. We provide a wide range of System Formwork solutions.

What is “System Formwork”.
“System Formwork” is the term used to differentiate from “conventional formwork” (such as timber formwork).
System Formwork is made of standard modular components that have been prefabricated. The various modular components are assembled on site to form the system formwork.

System formwork have the following features;
- Good casting quality
- Faster erection of building
- More recycle times (re-usable) as compared to conventional formwork

Therefore the more times the system formwork is re-used, the more economical it becomes. For example, when the system formwork is used in the construction of a high-rise building where there are repeated typical floors.


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